Our library collection is divided into three Sections; 

i. LendingSection: 

This Section consists of materials of various programmes that are offered at the ARU. These include all Land related subjects, environmental studies, finance, ICT and community development studies.The materials available in this Section can be borrowed by users for use inside or outside the library. These materials can be borrowed for use outside the library in a span of 14 days and renewable for another 14 days.The Section also has a circulation desk service which is responsible for checking out/in books that are borrowed/returned by the readers.

ii. ReferenceSection: 

This Section holds materials used forreferencing purposes. The materials include almanacs, bibliographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories,geographical sources, handbooks, indexes, and yearbooks. These materials are strictly for use within the library only.

iii. Special Reserve Section: 

This Section consists of textbooks for specific subjects or courses. The textbooks are limited in number and are used as referencematerials by staff and students. The textbooks are reserved and can be borrowed and used within the library premises only. The materials also include Theses and Dissertations submitted and endorsed to the library as supplemental reference materials produced by Ardhi UniversityGraduates of Masters and PhD levels.