Vision and Mission


To be a leading centre of excellence in knowledge generation and dissemination responsive to the dynamics of the national, regional and global conditions.


To provide innovative and integrated learning, research and public services that advance sustainable development at national level and beyond.


In order for ARU to achieve its Vision and accomplish its vision it will subscribe to the following values:

  1. Integrity: ensuring that all academic outputs are produced in line with high standards of personal and scholarly conduct enhanced by honesty, transparency, quality control and assurance measures;
  2. Creativity: striving to embrace new ideas, technologies and innovative ways of operations in order to contribute towards socio-economic development;
  3. Excellence: ensuring top quality are embedded in training and learning, research and public services;
  4. Equity: ensuring equal opportunities and non-discrimination on the basis of personal, ethnic, religious, class, gender or any other social characteristics;
  5. Teamwork: aiming at working diligently as a team while nurturing one another so as to achieve common organization objectives;
  6. Internationalization: ensuring smooth working with regional and global partners to address issues pertinent to local and international community; and
  7. Professionalism: ensuring culmination of skills, knowledge, competences, quality, altitude and good conduct in all undertakings;