Library Rules and Regulations

Guiding principles

a) ARU Library is a non–profit making entity which strives to serve the community of readers at no or minimal charges,

b) ARU may introduce cost sharing and or recovery measures for improving library services without affecting service delivery in terms of quality and extent of such services,

c) ARU Library is an equal opportunity service provider to its members (including the people with special needs) and the provision of a library service in a university is not fortuitous instead it is a minimum requirement for setting up a university,

d) ARU library provides freedom to access materials and information provided ARU Library User Guide and Regulations are observed.

ARU Library User Guide contains the following:

i.  Rules and Regulations

All readers must adhere strictly to the following regulations while using the ARU library.

  1. The right of borrowing of books is accorded to all members of the University, but
  1. No person may exercise the privilege of borrowing a book until such times he/she has filled the library Registration Form which signifies that he/she will have read these rules and regulations and agreed to abide by them;
  2. No book shall be removed from the library and regarded as borrowed until it has been properly issued to the borrower after presenting a borrowing ticket which bears the borrowers name at the Issue Desk where the due date (return date) is stamped.
  3. A Special Reserve book shall be borrowed to be used within the library by surrendering a “Special Reserve” borrowing ticket.
  4. User will be allowed to borrow two books only from the Special Reserve Section at one sitting.
  5. Time limit of using borrowed materials from Special Reserve Section should be 4 hours.
  6. The borrower in whose name a book is issued shall be sorely responsible for returning that particular book.
  7. Students may borrow three books from the Lending Section at one time.
  8. Members of the academic staff are allowed to borrow five books from the Lending Section at one time.
  9. Other members of staff can borrow two books at one time.
  10. A library book shall be borrowed for a limited time of two weeks from the date it is issued.
  1. Anyone who fails to renew or return books on the due date shall be liable to a fine of TZS 200/= only per book per day.
  2. Readers shall retain their tickets in safe keeping; they are valuable documents, as a reader is responsible for the book borrowed against his/her ticket.
  3. No reader may borrow a book without a ticket.
  4. Borrowing tickets are not transferable.
  5. Any lost ticket shall be reported to the library immediately.
  6. Replacements for lost tickets are prepared after filling in a "Declaration form" to that effect and a charge for a lost ticket shall be TZS 600/= only.
  7. Borrowing ticket should be returned to the library after completion of studies.
  8. Replacement for lost books shall be the actual price of a particular book plus 50% of the actual price to cover administrative costs.

ii. Library policy