Regina John Lyakurwa
Regina John Lyakurwa
Head Urban and Regional Planning Department

Dr. Regina John is a Head of the Urban and Regional Planning Department and Lecturer in the School of Spatial Planning and Social Sciences. She obtained her PhD in 2015. Her areas of competency include Land Use Planning, Strategic Development Planning, Detailed and General Planning Schemes, Project Planning and Management as well as Housing Finance. Dr. Regina pursed her PhD in vulnerability assessment of population to climate change induced hazards focusing on flooding. She has participated in various research projects including the Climate Change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa (CLUVA). The  project was conducted in selected Cities in Five African countries with collaboration from Universities and Research Institutions from the Europe. Dr. Regina is a Fully Registered Town Planner with the Town Planers Registration Board.

Contacts; Email:regina.lyakurwa@aru.ac.tzlyakurwa_gina@yahoo.co.uk Phone: +255754398694+255689560957