Elitruder R. Makupa
Elitruder R. Makupa
Head Department of Land Management and Valuation

Dr. Makupa is a Lecturer in the School of Earth Sciences, Real Estate, Business and Informatics of Ardhi University since 2008 and currently she is the Acting Head of Land Management and Valuation Department. She is a committee member of Land Administration Unit at Ardhi University. She possesses a BSc. in LMV of UDSM and MSc in Real Estate of ARU. Her dissertations for Bachelor and Masters degrees were on urban land management and land acquisition aspects. She did her PhD in NARAM at UDSM on Socio-Economic Impacts of Compulsory Land Acquisition on Project Affected Persons. She teaches Property valuation, land administration and property development. She has experience in research and consultancy in areas of Property Valuation and Management; Land Administration. She has interest on land governance, resettlement and valuation matters. Elitruder is Provisionally Registered Valuer (PRV) by the Valuers Registration Board of Tanzania and a member of AREPTA.

Publication & Research links: www.researchgate.net/profile/Elitruder 
Contacts; Email:elitruder.makupa@aru.ac.tz; trudarich@gmail.com Phone: +255754914230