Rehema Joseph Monko
Rehema Joseph Monko
Head of the Civil Engineering Department

Dr. Monko, a Fulbright Scholar, is a Lecturer at Ardhi University –SACEM (Department of Civil Engineering, since 2016), and the Department of Building Economics (2007 – 2016), with the main duties on research, teaching, outreach services and consultancies. She is the Head of Civil Engineering Department since 2018. She holds a BSc. BE (UCLAS/UDSM), Master of Engineering Management (CoET/ UDSM), and a PhD in Engineering Science of Louisiana State University (LSU-USA). She worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at LSU (2015-2016). She worked on Term-Contracts as an Individual Training Consultant – with the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority-Tanzania (2006 – 2009) to disseminate the Public Procurement Act 2004 and its Regulations to Public Officials. Her research interests include BIM, Procurement, Construction Productivity, and Sustainability. She practices as an Assistant Quantity Surveyor.

Contacts:Emails:rehema.monko@aru.ac.tz,rjmonko1@gmail.com Phone: 0622669556,0738564705