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Ardhi University Unveils Lu Ban Workshop a Revolutionary Step Towards Technical Excellence


On the 15th of November, 2023, a landmark event unfolded as Ardhi University celebrate the grand launch of the Lu Ban Workshop, marking the commencement of a new era in technical and vocational training within the academic realm. The ceremony was honored by esteemed dignitaries, including Hon. Prof. Adolf Mkenda, the Minister for Education, Science, and Technology in Tanzania, Her Excellency Chen Mingjian, the Ambassador of China in Tanzania, Hon. Shang Kui, Deputy Mayor of Chongqing Municipality - China, and Professor Evaristo Liwa, the Vice Chancellor of Ardhi University.

Named after the legendary Chinese craftsman Lu Ban, the workshop serves as dynamic platforms for the exchange of technical knowledge and skills, with a focus on engineering and technology. The event witnessed the presence of Prof. Yi Jun, the Secretary of the Party Committee at Chongqing Vocational Institute - China, signifying the international collaboration shaping the initiative.

The Lu Ban Workshop concept is rooted in providing students and staff with hands-on experience, enabling them to acquire practical skills even before completion of studies. This approach not only enhances the competency of trainees but also has the potential to bolster the local supply of skilled labor, reducing dependency on external sources and fortifying youth employability.

Professor Mkenda greatly encouraged the collaboration and specifically bolded that Ardhi University to be at the forefront to take up the opportunity and actively implement the accomplishments.” This partnership marks a new beginning between ARU, CQVIE, and GSI, driven by the spirit and strength derived from the collective aspirations. When delivering his remarks the Vice Chancellor of Ardhi University Professor Liwa emphasized and promised to be a part of the implementation of the responsibilities given to the University.

The launch event marks a significant stride towards empowering students with practical skills, aligning education with industry needs, and fostering international collaboration for academic excellence. The Lu Ban Workshop at Ardhi University is poised to become a beacon of innovation and a hub for nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals, laying the foundation for a brighter and more self-reliant future in Tanzania.