The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) has released three lists of applicants to various institutions namely Applicants with Multiple Admissions but have Not Confirmed; Approved Applicants in Previous Rounds but Re-applied in the Next Rounds of Applications; and Applicants with Multiple Admissions and have Confirmed in more than one Institution. This information can be accessed through:

 Applicants with Multiple Admission

TCU has allowed applicants in either of the three categories to choose one Institution they would like to join for their academic career, follow the requisite registration process and complete the registration. Following the TCU directive, Ardhi University wishes to inform all those interested to join our programmes that we have open up for the few available vacancies; though most of our programmes are almost full. Therefore, those who would like to join/register with Ardhi University in the few remaining vacancies, are requested to visit Academic Office Room No. 409 to check their selection status as well as availability of vacancies in the programmes they would wish to join/register. Please, even if you have seen your name in any of the files from TCU, do not rush to pay the tuition fees. Instead visit Academic Office Room No 409 for further guidance.

The deadline for crosschecking selection status and availability of vacancies in the programmes is 01ST NOV 2017. ONLY PRE-SELECTED APPLICANTS WITH MULTIPLE ADMISSIONS WILL BE ALLOWED TO REGISTER IN PROGRAMMES WITH VACANCIES. 


Registration is subject to payment of prescribed amount of fees. No one shall be registered without upfront payment of fees and other University dues. All fees are payable to Account Number 2081100034, NMB University Branch (for local currency); and Account Number 01J1095927301, CRDB, Ardhi University, Mlimani City Branch (for local currency). Successful applicants are requested to download admission letters and other necessary forms from the University’s website.

 Orientation week started on 30th October, 2017. On arrival students should report to the Office of the Dean of Students. In order to accomplish the registration process, all selected students will be required to produce the ORIGINAL fees’ bank pay in slip, certificates of CSSE (‘O’ LEVEL), ACSSE (‘A’ LEVEL) and any other relevant certificates. Photocopies of the certificates will not be accepted. The deadline for registration will be 10th November, 2017.

Joining instructions, admission letters, registration form and medical form C can be downloaded from the university’s website via the address indicated below; where this announcement can also be accessed at: under the caption “Joining instructions , registration form , medical form C  and admission letters 2017 - 2018


 Prof. G.R. Kassenga


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