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Research Areas

The Research at IHSS is focus on the following key areas:

  • Promotion of sustainable human settlement development;
  • Promotion of access to adequate and affordable shelter;
  • Improvement of the urban economy in terms of employment generation and poverty eradication especially among the youth;
  • Provision  and maintenance of infrastructure in human settlements;
  • Carrying out review of policies, laws and regulations related to human settlements;
  • Addressing the housing needs of people in vulnerable situations particularly women, children, old people, people with disabilities and refugees;
  • Integrating the environment and development in      decision making;
  • Combating poverty;
  • Urban water supplies;
  • Management of solid waste and sewage-related issues;
  • Management of urban pollution and health;
  • Integrated approach to the planning and management;
  • Protection of the quality and supply of fresh water resources;
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture and rural development;
  • Combating deforestation;
  •  Management of fragile ecosystems (desertification; drought; coastal areas);
  • Generation of political and bureaucratic commitment and support for community felt needs;
  • Increase of resources to human settlements as part of national economic development;
  • Strengthening local authorities to allow them to play a positive role in human settlements and shelter development;
  • Enhancement of the effective involvement of community groups in human settlements development;
  • Improvement of the living environment in a sustainable and equitable manner preventing further environmental degrading and conserving natural and manmade heritage and biological diversity;
  • Improvement of access to serviced land for all sections of the society (including the marginalized group); and
  • Ensuring preparedness to deal with disaster in human settlements.


On-going Research Projects 2010




1. Home Based Enterprises and the Urban Living:     Impact of Spatial Order and Quality

Kachenje, Y.E.


Measuring Service Delivery in Southern Africa, Case of Tanzania”. Study I, II & III.

Kombe, W. J. and Kyessi, A.G. 

South Africa Trust Fund (SATF)

Land Use Management for Sustainable Livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin: The Case of Urban Agriculture in Entebbe, Mwanza and Kisumu

Kyessi,A.G. C. Mireri, P. Atekyereza, and N. Mushi


Effects of Land Use Changes in Lake Victoria Transboundary Rivers Basins on Livelihoods and Environmental Health: Case of Sio and Mara River Basins”

Makalle, A.M.P., Obando, J and Bamtaze, Y


Effects of Environmental Changes on Livelihoods of Communities Surrounding Lake Jipe, in Kilimanjaro,      Tanzania

Makalle, A.M.P., Shemdoe, R. and Kihila, J.


A Methodological Approach for Multi Criteria Sustainability Assessment of  Settlements’ Growth Surrounding Mining Projects in Tanzania,

Makalle,A., Nguluma, H.,Hussein, R and Mtani I


Livelihood Opportunities through Low-Cost Housing: The case of Dodoma Capital City

Makalle, A.M.P.  Victor, M.A.M.  and Mesaki, S.


Assessing the Impact of Regularisation and Property Formalisation on the Livelihoods of the Poor in Tanzania: The Case of Dar es Salaam

 Kyessi, A.G  and Msangi, D.E.


Creating Environmental Realm in Quarrying Sites

Mtani, I. and Marwa, V.


Community Participation in Environmental Management:The Case of Kinondoni Municipality Dar es Salaam

Ngware, N.


Tracking Effective Indigenous Adaptation Strategies on Impacts of Climate Variability on Food Security and Health of Subsistence Farmers in Tanzania

Shemdoe, R.S


Tracking Indigenous Adaptation Strategies on Impacts of Climate Variability on Livelihoods of Fishing Community in Selected Areas Surrounding Rufiji Basin Tanzania

Shemdoe, R.S and Kihila J

SIDA Support

Institutions’ Capacity, Implementation And Enforcement Of Environmental Policies And Laws In Environmental Management In Tanzania

Mbuya E

SIDA Support

Climate change and Urban Vulnerability in Africa (CLUVA)

Prof. W. Kombe, Dr. R.Shemdoe, Dr. A. Kyessi and Prof. G.Kasenga

EU through  a consortium of 13 research institutions

Establishment of Harmonized Modalities and Mechanisms for Community Compensation and Carbon Markets: The Case Study of REDD Pilot Projects in Tanzania

Dr. R.Shemdoe, Mr. D.Kibassa, Mr. S.Kingazi, Mr. E.Mshana and Ms F.Mombo


PhD. Research Projects

Dr. R. Shemdoe (2005 to 2009). “The Influence of Indigenous Soil and Water Conservation (ISWC) Practices on Soil Moisture, Crop diversity and Crop Production in Semiarid areas of Mpwapwa District, Central Tanzania”. Funded by Belgium Technical Cooperation.

Mr. V.T. Chisanga (2004 to date). “Is informal housing a true solution to housing problems in Tanzania? The case of Ali Maua Settlement in Dar es Salaam”.  Funded by University of Dar es Salaam.

Dr. Tatu, M. Limbumba (2004 to 2010). “Residential Location Choices in Informal Settlements”. Funded by Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Sweden.

Research Projects Non-PhD

  1. Makalle, J. Obando and Y. Bamtaze (2006 to date). “Effects of Land Use Changes in Lake Victoria Transboundary Rivers Basins on Livelihoods and Environmental Health: Case of Sio and Mara River Basins”. Funded by VicRes.
  2. A.G. Kyessi and Masanja (2004-2009). “Financing local Development under Decentralized Framework of Governance: A study of Dar es Salaam-Tanzania”. Funded by Sida-SAREC.
  3. A.G. Kyessi; C. Mireri; P. Atekyereza; and N. Mushi (2005 to date). “Land Use Management for Sustainable Livelihoods in the Lake Victoria Basin: The Case of Urban Agriculture in Entebbe, Mwanza and Kisumu”. Funded by VicRes.
  4. D. Woiso, R.S. Shemdoe, E Malisa, Njeru Muhia and B. Kitembe (2006 to date). “Developing A Strategy for Sustainable Income Generation From A Valuable Medicinal Plant, Prunus Africana, In Rombo and Taveta, East Africa (Funded by African Forest Research Network of African Academic of Sciences, through Sokoine University of Agriculture”.
  5. D.E.Msangi and A.G.Kyessi (2008 to date). “Assessing the impact of regularization and property formalization on the livelihoods of the poor in Tanzania; The case of Dar es Salaam”. Funded by Ardhi University.
  6. Y. E. Kachenje and H. Nguluma (2009 on going): “Assessing Public Awareness on the use of fire fighting facilities: A hidden disaster risk” Funded by Ardhi University.


Journal Papers

  1. M.P. Makalle; J. Obando; and Y. Bamutaze (2008). “Effects of Land Use Practices on Livelihoods in the Transboundary Sub-Catchments of the Lake Victoria Basin”. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Vol. 2 (10). pp. 309-317.
  2. Makalle, A.M.P. (2007). “Project Planning and Management in Tanzania for Sustainability: The Adequacy of the Policy Environment”. The Journal of Building and Land Management Vol. 14(2).
  3. Mireri, C., Atekyereza, P., Kyessi, A.G. and Mushi, M. (2007), Environmental Risks of Urban Agriculture in the Lake Victoria Drainage Basin: A case of Kisumu Municipality. In: Habitat International. (accepted 2007, in press)
  4. Shemdoe, R. S., Kingazi, S. P., Kitula, R. and Chaggu, E. J. (2007). “Reducing Stresses on Wetland Resources in Dryland Ecosystems of Mpwapwa District, Central Tanzania: Where Do we start?” Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa Vol. 9(1), pp. 197-206.

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