The ARU –PC is engaged in the following:

  1. To publish text books, research papers and any other publications.
  2. To look for and publish manuscript of market potential or academic significance, which ARU-PC considers worth publishing.
  3. To provide designing, typesetting and printing services.
  4. To collect, edit and publish research articles in Journals, Periodicals, News letters, etc.

Other services that ARU-PC offers are:

  1. Reproduction of maps/drawings at 1:1 scale/size from A4 to A0.
  2. Professional and high Quality book-binding in different formats and styles.
  3. Photography and Identity cards production in laminated plastic to semi smart cards and provided with holders.
  4. ARU-PC also provides other secretarial services such as printing Business cards, Wedding cards, lamination (A4 and A3 size), etc.

The ARU-PC has three main Sections in carrying the above assignments.

  1. Pre-press section: deals with Editorial, typesetting, art work and Map/ drawing reproduction.
  2. Printing section: Offset printing and malt photocopying service.
  3. Book-binding section: Binding all printed materials, Dissertations, Thesis, repairing old books, binding News papers, Print finish and packing.

The ARU-PC is has well long experience personnel in the fields described above.

The Center also acquires modern technological advanced machines in order to meet the customers’ expectations in terms of Quality and efficiency.


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