Courses offered

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)

The Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) offered by the School is a five years programme. The programme provides the required and necessary skills for the profession of architecture.

The course aims at training students in the organization of space, and the building process.  It also aims at developing perception and rational thinking in finding solutions to design problems and construction of buildings. Design studios are supported by various architectural theory subjects through lectures. Gradually the complexity of the design studio increases from the first to final academic year.  Seminars and group discussions are included in the B. Arch. Programme. A minimum of 200 units in five years of study must be passed for the award of B. Arch. Degree.
The main objective of the curriculum is to enable students to develop capacity to tackle design problems, to be creative, to manage building construction, to develop designedly ways of thinking and to be self-initiative within the discipline of architecture.

Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (B. Sc. LA)

The Landscape architecture programme is one of the new undergraduate courses launched by the School of Architecture and Design at Ardhi University (ARU). Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture is covered in four years. A minimum of 148 units must be passed in a minimum of four years of study for the award of four year B. Sc. Degrees in Landscape Architecture (B.Sc. LA).

The main objective is to provide the students with experts for the growing external built environment design, to produce graduates with knowledge and skills to master landscape requirements at the domestic, neighborhoods and the city levels as well as to impart on students values necessary for design of urban recreational facilities.

Bachelor of Science in Interior Design (B. Sc. ID)

The Interior Design programme is one of the new undergraduate courses launched by the School of Architecture and Design at Ardhi University (ARU). Bachelor of Science in Interior Design is covered in four years. A minimum of 148 units must be passed in a minimum of four years of study for the award of four year B. Sc. Degrees in Interior Design (B.Sc. ID).

The main objective of the programme is to provide a comprehensive detail studies in building Interior environment ranging from domestic to public buildings, to enhance use of building materials and furniture design in view of meanings in interiors of buildings and to explore interior graphics through physical, perceptual and conceptual visualization.

Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture (PGD-ARCH)

The main objective is to provide postgraduate training course in Architecture for the holders of 3 years Building Design and Advanced Diploma in Architecture or related disciplines from the former Ardhi Institute or other recognized institutions. The programme addresses the needs inter alia of the practitioners to acquire professional advancement, of which may qualify successful candidates to pursue master of architecture degree course upon application. SADE has sufficient human resources competent to successfully run this programme.

In addition to the contribution mentioned above, the Postgraduate Programme in Architecture (PGD-ARCH) is also in line with the current national and global reforms, which require employers to take up new and more challenging roles in the built environment. The PGD-Arch program consists of three parts. The first part contains seven compulsory subjects, the second one consists of five elective subjects where the students will be allowed to select only two subjects and the third one is a compulsory Final Project where each individual student will work alone on a select and approved topic of interest.

Masters of Architecture (M. Arch)

The Masters of Architecture (M.Arch.) degree programme addresses several advanced and contemporary issues in design concepts, urbanism, responsive landscaping, housing sustainability design, conservation and architectural management in the environment of advanced technology.  Furthermore, the course will address issues relating to energy-efficient design, efficiency in project management, interaction of architectural design and social enhancement, design research with inclination towards designs and practices that contribute to advancement of local technology.  Also the programme aims at equipping architects with advanced skills in dealing with design challenges encountered among the changing socio-economic, socio-political and physical environment.  With such skills the architect will be able to come up with context conscious solutions and designs that respond to current issues of need in the framework of the rapidly changing environment of science and technology in addressing poverty alleviation issues, environmental protection, energy conservation, employment creation, fast urban growing issues and access to social services for proper housing and liveable cities.

 Main objectives of the Masters of Architecture (M. Arch.) programme are as follows:

  •     To improve the analytical capacity of practitioners in built environment development, planning, management and conservation;
  •     To enhance integrated professional contribution in design and creation of human living and working spaces.
  •     To provide opportunities for building research capacities and for dissemination of knowledge on built environment.
  •     To produce professionals with advanced skills in built environment.

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